A, nets type filter accuracy, high water stability. 2, through own retrieval and strain function, realization of automatic backwash, can deal with unstable water quality fluctuation, manual dry C,, nets type filter control system, the sensitive reaction, can according to different operation precise filtration precision spirit water and cleaning efficiency, thoroughly 4, the system can strong, mesh can restorative lifelong use without having to change. 5, nets type filter backwash and interrupt normal water production, continuous, stable and reliable operation. D, backwash lasted short, reverse-wash water consumption only for 0.002% of 0.001 ~ normal produce a water yield, save electricity, water saving, energy saving. 7, nets type filter structure compact design is reasonable, cover an area of an area small, flexible and convenient installation mobile. E, equipment less easyworn parts, no consumables, operation and maintenance expenses low, operation management simple. 9, nets type filter application field wide, is suitable for various raw water quality and water requirements.